We help startups grow within and out of Iceland by accelerating their businesses and connecting them with industry experts, investors and leading startup hubs abroad.

Our services are free of charge, providing a customised support for entrepreneurs and startups ranging from the seed of an idea to the first or even second round of funding.

Icelandic Startups is a community driven startup organisation and serves as one of the key builders of the Icelandic startup ecosystem 


Salóme Guðmundsdóttir

CEO / framkvæmdastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 869 8001

Sunna Halla Einarsdóttir

CFO / Fjármálastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 866 9203

Jarþrúður Ásmundsdóttir

COO /  Business Development and Marketing

(+354) 898 9788

Edda Konráðsdóttir

Project Manager / Verkefnastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 691 3947

Ingi Björn Sigurðsson

Project Manager / Verkefnastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 662 8660

Melkorka S. Magnúsdóttir

Project Manager / Verkefnastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 690 5266

Svava Björk Ólafsdóttir

Project Manager / Verkefnastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 695 3918

Elsa Ýr Bernhardsdóttir

Project Manager / Verkefnastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 690 8914

Daníel G. Daníelsson

Project Manager / Verkefnastjóri
Icelandic Startups

(+354) 694 2748

Board of Directors

Our board of directors represents some of our largest shareholders and includes some of the most renowned and experienced executives in Iceland.

Stefanía Guðrún Halldórsdóttir

Chairman of the board

Finnur Oddsson


Huld Magnúsdóttir

NSA Ventures 

Ari Kristinn Jónsson

Reykjavik University

Einar Mäntylä

University of Iceland

Þorsteinn B. Friðriksson

Teatime Games

Sigurður Hannesson

Federation of Industries

Þorsteinn Gunnarsson

Opin kerfi

The history of icelandic Startups

The history of Icelandic Startups can be traced back to 1999 when Nýherji one of the largest IT company in Iceland founded an incubator, Klak as a way to support the local startup scene, later providing startups with opportunities to pitch their ideas to investors at Seed Forum and study entrepreneurial skills in Viðskiptasmiðjan study program. In 2007 three university students founded Innovit, a student driven not-for-profit identity to help university students start their own companies with initiatives such as Gulleggið business plan competition, Startup Weekends workshops as well as Global Entrepreneurship Week and TEDxReykjavik as celebration for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2013 the two companies merged after launching the first accelerator program in Iceland, Startup Reykjavik together with Arion bank. Initially called Klak Innovit, the company rebranded as Icelandic Startups in 2016 emphasising the importance of international relations by connecting Icelandic startups to leading experts and startup communities abroad.  

Today Icelandic Startups serves as a non profit and is owned by Origo, University of Iceland, Reykjavik University, NSA Ventures and The Federation of Icelandic Industries.



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